Web Design

Our highly trained designers use cutting edge technology to deliver consumer oriented, top-of-the-line, professional websites. Expert workmanship, coupled with creative genius and a thorough understanding of current marketing trends cause us to consistently generate sites which meet and exceed our customers� personal and business needs and expectations.

We specialize in
  • Graphically enhanced web pages.
  • Flash based introductions and web pages.
  • Banner adds
  • Logo designs
  • Website optimization and design reevaluation.

  • We use the latest web engineering technologies including:
  • HTML
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Javascript
  • Macromedia Flash
  • And more�
  • Our priority is not only to build specialized, expert web sites but to establish and enhance your unique company image!

    SeSenaS E-commerce


    SeSenaS : Our professionals at SeSenaS design and develop customized, web-based applications for a myriad of business types. SeSenaS will capture your imagination and send it soaring, engineering a digital reality of your most complex ideas and dreams all within a proper timeline and budget. The maximization of your work environment productivity and the skilled construction of cost effective and time efficient systems are a priority at SeSenaS. Our Software Engineers boast years of experience developing web-based applications for healthcare, real-estate, automotive, hotels, and technology firms to name a few.

    Development-type examples:
    E-commerce Development: : we build and optimize your web site to handle customer online actions such as shopping, placing orders, registering, processing credit cards, and more. In addition to this, we develop order tracing systems for your employees to verify customer requests and orders.

    Action Notification System: you will never again miss critical business actions that need your attention! Depending upon which actions you desire to be notified about, our action notification system will instantly send you an email or even a cell phone text message alerting you of said action.

    Statistics System:with our instant statistics system, control of your firm�s information will be at your fingertips. Hour by hour, day by day, month by month, or even year by year, our customized statistics system offers you the information you need, when you need it.

    And more.

    SeSenaS IT professionals promise to digitalize any business transaction, if not, your money back� guaranteed!

    Only the most updated and cutting edge technologies are used in our development!

    Languages: Cold Fusion, C/C++,HTML, DHTML, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, Java, XML, PHP, JavaScript.

    Platforms: Windows 98/2000/XP, UNIX, Linux.

    Databases: MS SQL, Oracle, MS Access, MySQL.

    SeSenaS Solutions

    SeSenaS is proud to provide many solutions devoted to your business needs. These solutions include, but are not limited to:

    Web Design and Development
    Maximize your company�s online potential driving it beyond all expectations using SeSenaS� top quality user interface standards; as well as our unique feature and business-oriented web development.

    Consulting Services
    Do you have a technology related question? We have an answer! We pledge to provide you with the best technological solutions to fit your expanding business needs.

    Customer Service Solutions
    Our Live Chat, customer service, web-based application is a revolutionary means of eliminating customer phone waiting times. Chat with your customers online, help them instantly, and assist them in navigating your website remotely.

    Marketing Services
    Does your vision include sending customer newsletters or e-mails automatically without the worry of writing the email and collecting customer�s email addresses? You can! You will also have the ability of sending automatic e-mails informing your customers about upcoming events and special offers.

    Web Hosting
    SeSenaS web hosting boasts a huge amount of storage, large bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, excellent customer service, and most importantly, competitive prices.

    Search Engine Optimization
    Would you like your website to have more exposure, and more visits? Call us! We will work with you and increase the number of your customers on the net.

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